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Hill gang enjoys sunny day of play

This Monday, the Over the Hill Gang ventured out underneath a cloudless Montana big sky during Monday play at River’s Bend. Dave Garr played a lean game and took the low men’s gross with a 41. John Torres locked in the men’s low net of 32, and Kristy Beaty laid claim to the women’s low net with a 34.

On the course, Jens Jantzen landed the ball closest to the pin in two on No. 1, and Darrell Torgrimson eased in the long putt both on No. 4 and No. 6. Mike Normandin dialed in his game and went closest to the pin on No. 5, and Jantzen and Torres secured the longest drives of the round – Jantzen on No. 6 and Torres on No.9. Russ Wood took the longest putt on No. 7, and Dave Garr took the ball for the long walk to earn longest putt on No. 8.

Bruce Haflich laid down the only chip-in of the round on No. 6, and Ron Beaty earned himself a birdie on No. 6. To round out the day’s play, Mike Normandin and Jens Jantzen won the pay for par on No. 2.


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