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September 22, 2022


Thompson Falls Businesses

Following is a list of businesses in Thompson Falls during the Great Depression:

Black Bear Tavern, Neat Rooms, Moderate Prices, Night Service. Ray Shannon, Proprietor, Peek Block. (The Peek Block was located between Fulton and Mill Street, downtown).

Adams Garage – All Size Tubes - $1.00. Shell solvent for cleaning purposes, 50¢ a gallon. Chevrolet Dealer. Gas, oil, repairs. Corner Jefferson Street & Railroad Avenue.

Tourist Hotel and Restaurant – Good Rooms, Good Beds, Good Eats. William Moser Proprietor, Corner Columbia Street and Railroad Avenue.

Weber’s Store (now the Laundromat), Corner Hill Street and Railroad Avenue. General Merchandise, Economy. Charles Weber, proprietor.

Union Cafe, Low Prices. Mrs. Bert Macho, Proprietor. Corner Mill Street and Railroad Avenue.

Union Market, Bargains. Bert Macho, Proprietor, Corner Mill Street.

John Wuerl, Dairy Farm, Milk, Eggs, Delivery Service. River View Drive.

Rex Theatre – All the latest pictures – H.O. Ekern, proprietor, Peek Block (the present Rex Theater was built in 1939).

Cub Cafe – Good Eats, Quick Service – Open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. – Peek Block.

Little Town Golf Club – 25¢ for the whole family Wednesday, regular price 10¢ each. Between Jefferson and Fulton Street.

Big Pine Tourist Camp (most recently Little Bear) – Cabins, Laundry, Shower, Swimming Place Back of Camp. Mrs. K.E. Fessler, Proprietor, Between Pearl and Orchard Street.

Ford Garage, Corner Fulton Street and Railroad Avenue. Special One Week – valve grinding $4.95, regular charge $6.00. Grease Job 75¢, one week only.

Insurance of all kinds – Fire, Automobile, Life, Bonds. All of the companies which we represent are well established old line companies, many of them over a century old. They have been through many wars, panics and conflagrations, and have paid all just claims IN FULL. When you insure, INSURE WITH SAFETY, through the First State Bank, Thompson Falls, Montana, Phone Number 17, Railroad Avenue.

Lumber Mill and Fish Hatchery – R.R. Hoyt – Prospect Drive.

Paints and Lumber – General Building Supplies – Ben Saint, Corner Ferry Street. Also Continental Oil dealer.

Wright’s Groceries – all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices – Railroad Avenue. 2 lbs. Sunshine crispy crackers, 25¢. Blue Ribbon Flour $1.10, 49 lb. bag. Baker’s or Hershey’s Cocoa, 1/2 lb. tin, 15¢.Lipton’s Tea, 1 lb. 89¢.

Wolfe’s Store, Peek Block. Boys Shirts, for school, age 6 to 14 years, 49¢. Boys Star brand shoes, $1.75 to $1.95. Men’s work shoes, $2.65 to $3.50, all new stock. Berkshire Hosiery – Chiffon & service weight hose, 89¢.

Thompson Falls Drug Co. – Headquarters for school supplies. FREE – Each student who purchases school supplies amounting to 25¢ or more is entitled to one ice cream cone.

Frazier’s Store – Railroad Avenue. Complete line of school supplies. Men’s furnishing special – Men’s Usked Ever-wear work shoes, $1.25. Good canvas work gloves, 10¢.

Larson’s Cash Store – Corner Broad Street & Railroad Avenue. Groceries, Hardware – We strive to please.

Gravity Water Company, Thompson Falls, J.B McGurk, proprietor.

Birdland Park – Tourist Park, Dancing. 3 miles west of Thompson Falls.

Shoe Repairing – Frank Adams – Mill Street.

A.S. Ainsworth, Attorney at Law, Peek Block.

Dr. A.W. Rew, County Health Doctor. Between Ferry and Pine Street.


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