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Republican legislators did an outstanding job of humiliating the transgender population during the last session in Helena. They made national news too! As an 87-year-old mother and grandmother, I abhorred the shame and hostility some legislators directed toward transgendered youth and their needed medical care. Society doesn’t deny medical service for teenagers born with Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy or other physical abnormalities. Yet our legislators voted to deny medical assistance to transgender teenagers. Parents and their physician should determine medical needs for their own transgender children, not legislators. These children were BORN transgender so don’t blame them for their condition!

I first became aware of two youths living with transgender medical problems during the late 1950’s. These youth had been conceived and born in a village which had a temporary military installation built nearby for the purpose of experimenting with different types of artillery for warfare purposes. These youth had some genitalia of both sexes and were being medically monitored. They were treated with respect and acceptance by the community and school. I have noticed over the years how the transgendered population has exploded, especially during the last 5 to 10 years. If science doesn’t find the causes of the gender identity crisis, we are going to have a huge fiscal medical responsibility caring for and understanding these children.

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I was delighted to read the letter to the editor in the Missoulian, May 9, 2023 by Fred Allendorf, professor of Biology Emeritus at the University of Montana, who outlines his scientific explanation of what happens with chromosomes that can create gender identity problems. He states: “Intersex individuals have different combinations of both male and female characteristics, including chromosomes and sex organs. In addition to genetic causes, environmental effects can result in intersex individuals. For example, exposure to certain hormones during embryonic development can produce people whose physical sex does not match their genetic sex.” Professor Allendorf also advises: “The recognition of intersex people provides challenges when developing policies in a society that has long been based on a simple male or female classification.” I strongly advise readers to review his complete scientific article on page 5 of the Missoulian of May 9.

The more common knowledge we have about the scientific facts on transgender problems, the easier it will be for the public and state legislature to develop compassionate policies to help these people have a productive and worthwhile life. In addition, pregnant women should be cautioned medically about potentially harmful things that can hurt their fetus. Growing a baby is serious business these days!

We need to demand research be conducted to determine the CAUSES of chromosome damage in fetuses. The Governor’s Office should take the lead in securing research projects within the state on transgender origins. Let’s make national news in a good way about this problem!

Williamette Brickzin,

Thompson Falls


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