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Hawks, Trotters head to divisional

Six schools went head-to-head and point-for-point at the District 7B volleyball tournament, this year held at Plains High School. Both Plains and Thompson Falls earned a trip to the Western B Divisional tournament, slated to begin Wednesday in Eureka.

First on the court at district on Friday were St. Ignatius and Troy, with the Bulldogs defeating the Trojans in three sets. Plains had their first match against the Superior Bobcats, and the Trotters took the win in three fast sets. Lexie Deming helped the Trotters with seven kills, Claire Lakko had five aces for Plains.

St. Ignatius would go on to meet the Eureka, with the Lions making quick work of the Bulldogs and winning in three straight sets.

The Lady Hawks of Thompson Falls got their first District competition Friday afternoon against Plains. The gym was roaring with excitement from fans on both ends of the court. The Hawks lost at Plains during the regular season and were looking for revenge against the Trotters. In the first set, the Hawks were able to keep the Trotters at bay, winning 25-14. The second set was a bit more of a challenge for the Hawks. After leading 17-13, Plains pulled ahead 22-21 before the Hawks kicked it into high gear and took the second set 25-22. The final set was all Hawks as they took an early lead and held on to the 25-19 finish.

In the final loser-out matches of the day, St. Ignatius defeated Superior in three straight sets and the Trotters booted the Troy Trojans in four sets. The first set had both teams going head to head until the Trojans were able to seal up the set win 24-26. Plains came back to win three straight and secure a trip to divisional.

But the tournament wasn't over and as the final competition started on Saturday, Plains battled St. Ignatius for third place. St. Ignatius came out strong in the first set keeping the lead, the Trotters came back in the second set ready to cage the Bulldogs, doing just that for the second set win. In the third St. Ignatius were able to keep Plains at 14 points earning their second set win. Going to four sets it seemed like anyone's game until the Lady Bulldogs were able to tame the Trotters for the match win.

In the championship semifinal, Thompson Falls met Eureka for the first time for the day. The teams went head to head in the first set with the Lady Lions taking the set win. In the second set the Lady Hawks were able to assert their dominance making Eureka work for every point, taking the lead and the set win. Once again both teams put in the work, but the Lady Lions put a stop to the Lady Hawks earning their second set win. Set four Eureka found their groove and quickly took the win, putting them in the championship.

Thompson Falls would then go right into a challenge with St. Ignatius to see who would battle Eureka in the championship game. In the first set Thompson hot handedly took the lead earning the win 25-15. St Ignatius came back getting the second set win, the Lady Hawks didn't let the loss get in their heads and they came out fierce earning the third set win. Once again the Lady Bulldogs were no match for the Lady Hawks as they rapidly earned points to get the match win.

The championship match once again saw the Lady Hawks of Thompson Falls and the Lady Lions of Eureka.

Eureka came out and set the tone for the first match, intense volleys between both teams kept the score close, until the Lions were able to take the set win, the Lady Hawks came out for the second set more aggressive hammering down spikes but they were not enough for the set win. The third set had the crowd on the edge of their seats as both teams played their hearts out with the score 24-25, but there could only be one winner. The Eureka Lady Lions were able to secure the match win making them the 7B district champions.

The Lady Hawks placed second, they now go on to the Western B divisional tournament in Eureka, first facing the Loyola Heart Breakers at 11 a.m. on Wednesday. The Plains Trotters also go on to the divisional tournament going toe to toe at the net with the Florence Falcons at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.


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