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Cat law not necessary


February 27, 2020

Last week’s Ledger had a letter, “City should have restrictions for cats…..”.

It would seem that the words of Governor Aldlai Stevenson are most appropriate. “It is within the nature of cats to do a certain amount of unescorted roaming.”

Governor Stevenson included that sentence in his one-page veto of piece of state legislation relating to having cats on leashes in 1949. It was a most fitting presentation of why such legislation is not proper and the logic of that one-page veto is still applicable today.

Ernest Scherzer,

Trout Creek


Reader Comments(1)

puddlejumper writes:

Dear friends. Stray cats running about can be a nuisance & annoying at times. We have 2 cats. 9&11 yrs old. We keep our cats tethered. We have done so since they were kittens. Don't believe in letting them run loose. Each one has a 15 foot tether. They love being outside & do quite well. We leave their collar loose enough so they can get free if need be.People don't want to be bothered with cats pooping in their flower beds & garden. Also, some people do cruel things to cats & dogs. Stan & Kim


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