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After the election


January 7, 2021

I just finished reading Blaine Blackstone’s column in The Ledger today (Dec. 31, 2020) and he seems to have hit the nail on the head in this one. I expect to see a slurry of critical reviews from the Sanders County hard left (including the Heron Mafia). Although I feel a lot less optimistic for the next four years than Blaine, I think it is time for the realization that the two-party system has totally failed we Americans.

The last serious attempt at a third party was from Ross Perot who only seceded in electing another Democrat president. His problem was that he was not offering what America really wants. What I believe America wants in a third party is a total revamping of the corrupt party system as it now exists. I would suggest the following party platform which would be “iron clad” and non-negotiable.

1. Absolute term limits of 12 years in federal office.

2. All federal employees are subject to the same rules as the general public.

3. No special benefits for politicians active or retired.

4. No employment for retired politicians with businesses receiving government contracts.

5. Move the federal government out of Washington, D.C., to Barrow, Alaska, to discourage lobbyists.

6. Any politician accepting a contribution over $1,000 from any individual or company to be convicted of bribery and removed from office immediately.

I believe that if these conditions were met, 90% of the voting population would leave the Democrat and Republican parties and join “Party America.”

In my 75 years I know of only one person who has the balls to lead such a party and I think you know who that is.

Without a total revamping of the two-party political system, I see no other option for America other than to break apart as we once did with Great Britain.


Robert Cheshire,



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