Lights on for safety


August 25, 2022

Lights, camera, action. The lights are essential. What is a car without lights on? Invisible at night and also in the day. Trucks have always had running lights, I think. The new cars have lights on day or night. In a time long, long ago, when people who had cars had a three-day holiday weekend, the radio would request people to turn on their car light during the day. Why? To save lives. More people on the road, the chance for greater deaths, and there were more deaths. Montana Highway 200 has one lane in both directions. The speed limit for the most part is 70 mph. I think cars approaching each other at 70 mph means 140 mph possible collision. Not everyone goes 70 mph. You want to keep a speed of 70 mph you pass the slow poke. If you see on coming light, you don’t. If the car does not have any light on coming your way, it may appear to be invisible. You know what I mean. How do you get people to turn on lights to be more visible. This article? I wish. A law like seat belts, which I hate. If it keeps you alive and me alive, I am for it.

Morris “Mac” McFarland, Plains


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