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Our Viewpoint: All kinds of moms


As I sit here writing this, my mom is sitting at the conference table in the back of the Ledger reading pages. She comes in and edits for me on Tuesdays. Also today she brought me a jug of water from the ranch (I live in town and well water is just tastier) and she took my dog for a walk. Normally she brings me some sort of delicious soup or leftovers (today she didn't, but I'll let that slide).

Moms do all sorts of things for their kids that they don't get enough credit for. Sometimes it's the little things, and sometimes it's the bigger things. With Mother's Day coming this weekend, it's time to give thanks to all the moms and those who fill the role of moms.

I'm not a mom (well, I am to Walter Cronkite Wooden the Jack Russell Terrier), but I've filled that role for others' kids. I was a foster parent for awhile on a mission to hopefully adopt one day. While that didn't happen for me, it was one of the hardest things I ever did, and it made me appreciate all the things that moms do just because they love us. I like to say I'm the fun aunt to my friends' kids, and I try to help out whenever possible, picking kids up, supporting them at sports or school events, or just being there for them to talk to.

Moms come in all forms. We all do our best to help raise awesome kids who will make good choices. There are the bus drivers and teachers who make sure your kids are educated and feel safe. There are the coworkers who will be your kids' emergency contact should you not be available.

There are numerous dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents and other friends and relatives who step up every day and fill that role of "mom."

Whoever fills that role for you, make sure you let them know every day that they are appreciate. I visited with a friend this weekend who lost her mom a couple years ago, and it reminded me to cherish every moment I have with my own mother. I'm thankful for all the big and little moments I get to share with my mom.

— Annie Wooden


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