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What an introduction

I finally subscribed to a local paper again after quite a lapse due to the lack of engaging content and the slant of my former small town's paper. Upon receiving my first copy of the Ledger, the first article I read is "On being worried and enraged in 2024."

What an introduction!

I (one who chooses to be neither worried nor enraged in 2024) feel compelled to respond. Please note, it seems appropriate to use the "new word" a couple times. I hope you won't mind.

10. I could not care less.

9. That one did make me laugh.

8. I enjoyed the use of the word "paedomorphism" here.

7. I'm not exactly sure what all the causes of inflation are, but I would especially appreciate it if the government would stop spending money it does not have.

6. Trust...a big word. My experience with the medical world is quite mixed. I'll stick with - Each freedom-loving American should be able to read, research, and come to his/her own private decision.

5. Many Christians I know love "Jesus Loves Me" AND contribute generously to people worldwide who care deeply and work personally to care for the needs of "children" of all colors. I wonder who the "radicals" you speak of are?

4. That does seem to be a problem on "both sides of the aisle."

3. No solution here either. War anywhere for any reason is ugly. That said the United States military better focus its attention on strength and security over diversity or we are all doomed.

2. There was a day, not too long ago, that it was "Global Freezing" humans were supposed to be afraid about. It seems to me that those who speak panic the loudest are generally the ones willing to do the least personally about it. They're just really good at imposing rules on the masses, lessening the freedoms of the individual, for the sake of what...for real, what?

1. What a mischaracterization (Trump in the same category as...I won't even repeat that!). Originally a "Never Trumper," I began to listen to him personally instead of just listening to what the media said about him. Although not 100% a fan (of paedomorphic behavior, for example), I have to say he was one politician who did much of what he promised to do and did not back down from what he said at the first sign of confrontation. I do have to say our country is in desperate need of true statesmen (or should I say "statespersons"?) who are characterized by maturity, integrity, and love of country!

Now, on to read another article...

Joanna Williams, Plains


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