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November 1, 2018

Being a citizen of the United States of America means having the right to enjoy many freedoms others do not. Next Tuesday voters will take to the polls exercising a liberty, which started in 1845, that very few human beings in the world have…the privilege to elect our nation’s leading officials.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only five percent of the world’s population are American citizens and only 60 percent of these people vote in presidential elections, while only 36 percent vote in midterm elections.

Why so few?

It is interesting that “EVERYONE” seems to have an opinion on those who are leading the country. The opinions vary of course. Normal everyday conversations seem to always turn political now days…comments about who is leading America down the wrong path, is not doing what is best for America or is corrupt, or sometimes, though rarely heard, comments about who is doing a good job for America.

I wonder though, are these same people, the “EVERYONEs,” are they all voting? If not, they should be. Why would you complain about something if you have done nothing to plead your case? I was always taught that you cannot complain if you haven’t taken steps to fix the problem.

Go plead your case by casting a vote for who you feel would be the best candidate for the position of interest. Go vote in the midterms next Tuesday. If nothing else, you have exercised your American-granted right to voice your opinion, and that above all, if nothing else, gives you a right to complain if things do not turn out as you wanted.


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