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By John Dowd 

Question of the Week

What's your favorite thing about spring in Sanders County?


KAITLYNN GRIMM, Thompson Falls —

“Thunderstorms and the flowers. It’s the time when the cold goes away, finally.”

TERESA JACKSON, Trout Creek — “The outdoor activities.”

AUSTIN CORRIGAN, Thompson Falls — “Fishing the river for the trout when they come in.”

PAUL GAYTON, Thompson Falls —

“Coming from Texas, I like the length of spring. You actually do have a spring here. Then watching and learning all the new flowers and vegetation and animals.”

GEORGE HOILAND, Thompson Falls —

“My favorite part is the outdoor activities; fishing, gathering firewood, things like that.”

PETE OAKES, Plains —

“My favorite part about spring is when the hummingbirds come in.”


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