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Protectors appreciated


Dear Editor,

So, what was the purpose of the armed citizens across the street from the peaceful protest Sunday afternoon? As most people know, many peaceful demonstrations have been hijacked by violent groups who vandalize, loot, and burn businesses.

With this peaceful protest posted on Facebook, where those with violent intent could see it, it seemed very wise to bring in protection. The young man with the modern rifle felt the need to protect the peaceful protesters. However, he would have had a huge challenge if a busload of violent protesters had arrived.

Hopefully, the show of force would have been enough to deter violence. If not, the sheriff’s department, our local police and the armed citizens standing watch, both on Main Street and on Preston, would have provided protection.

First, they would have provided protection for the protesters. The protectors would have moved across the street to stand in front of the protesters. Those watching from Preston would have been in an excellent position to give more protection.

Second, the protectors would have provided the needed protection to save our town from vandalism.

In Montana, we have not needed the National Guard or the military to stop violent rioting. We have excellent law enforcement and armed citizens. So far, a show of force has been enough to deter violence.

Thank all of you for providing protection. It is much appreciated.

Margaret Juneman,

Thompson Falls


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