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By John Dowd 

Question of the Week

How is the mask mandate affecting businesses?



Plains - “I think that some people are definitely upset with having to wear them. Like in restaurants it is kind of different because they take them off as soon as they sit down, so it’s like is that really preventing anything; from walking in the door to sitting down?"


Plains - “I don’t think they are effecting the business much at all because everybody still needs food. We're not really making a huge issue when people come in without a mask, it’s pretty much just up to them.”

GENEVIEVE DESHAMPS, Plains - “I just think that when people come in they are a lot moodier, and I think that it is making all the workers a bit moodier, but the customers are just more mad. They just don’t want to show it because they don’t want to be mean, so they are just moody to us, but that’s OK.”


Plains - “As employees we are doing our part to protect customers, and ourselves and it’s been OK so far.”


Plains - “As far as the mercantile is concerned, I think that the majority of people who come in are willing to comply with the masks. I think that people are pretty OK with it. It is just something that we have to get used to.”


Plains - “We haven’t noticed any difference in business. It hasn’t affected us at all, here at the Wildhorse Mercantile.


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