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August 27, 2020





The United States could probably shorten the present European war “by three to four years” if it entered the conflict now, in the opinion of H.R. Knickerbocker, European war correspondent.

The great correspondent believes the balance of power is so evenly divided that the war may drag on for five or six years. If the Allies appear to be losing, the United States will go in just as it did in thee last war, he said. If this country, with a big navy and volunteer air corps built up during the last year, should declare war on Germany, it would swing the balance of power to the democratic nations.

Knickerbocker denied this is “just another war” or a “phony war.” He is convinced that Hitler’s objective is world domination. He warned not to be too hopeful of a revolution in Germany. With Hitler still alive and the army undefeated, Knickerbocker said he would stake his reputation that the German people would not revolt. Only a crushing military defeat will oust the Hitler regime.

World War II started with Nazi Germany’s attack on Poland in September 1939, the U.S. did not enter the war until after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941.


Dave Snider and others in the antimony development up Prospect are constructing a road to the properties this week. A bulldozer, owned by Henry Kraus is doing the work. The project will cost about $600.

The boys have a big shipment of antimony ready but no way to get it out. This is all high grade ore, requiring no milling or concentration. The problem was transportation. They could load on sleds and skid it out with the ‘dozer, but instead decided to put in a road and truck the ore.

Antimony now brings a good price and with war conditions indefinite there is little possibility of price collapse.


Superintendent on the new courthouse construction, Mr. Haggen showed us around the building the other day and we were amazed to find it nearly complete. Even the sidewalks are in. The doors are being hung, unfinished wiring is being strung and just the finishing touches remain to be taken care of. About ten men are now employed.

It will be a wonderful building, an asset to the county and Thompson Falls and certainly a pleasant place in which to work, with efficient lighting, many windows, good even hear, etc.

The fluorescent lighting throughout is really something and the good tile floors should last for many a year. Radiant heat is concealed in the floors. The vaults in several of the offices are large and roomy.

The two stories will be complete and ready to move into before the middle of September.


Last week the first water went through the pipes of the Noxon water system. The system is community owned and controlled. The town of Noxon deserves a good deal of praise for this modern system. The town is now served by electricity and a modern water system.

A large share of the credit for the new system goes to President Earl Engle, Secretary R.O. Carmichael and Directors Bob Larson, Everett Jenkins and Roy Raynor.

Noxon is a beautiful little community and deserves the present system. This improvement will add to property values and give increased fire protection.


Today we camp and fish and hunt on Thompson River, but we must remember that Thompson River is not ours, but held in trust by us for out children and our children’s children, as a heritage. Let us be worthy of our trust. One of the largest stands of virgin timber in the U.S. is right at our back door.


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