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Leave Thompson Falls mule pasture alone


September 10, 2020


Leave the mule pasture alone.

The left side of the mule pasture has an open meadow which the deer and turkeys feed. If it is developed they will all move back to the yards in town which we already have enough of. I have counted as many as 140 turkeys and 25 deer in the clearing feeding. That is where they belong. I have also seen elk beds in the field. The bearproof garbage cans will just bring in more bears. We also have enough of them in town. The mule pasture on the left side is a nice place for walking and looking at the animals. Do not ruin it with development. A parking lot for 100 vehicles would look like a parking lot in Missoula.

Leave the mule pasture alone.

Barbara and Dennis Lyght,

Thompson Falls


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