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Got Verizon?

This is an open letter to all community members suffering from the deplorable service provided by Verizon throughout Sanders County. As a resident of Thompson Falls and as a longtime customer of Verizon, I, along with numerous other customers are fed up! We need our phones to work. I pay approximately $200 a month for 1990’s service. Businesses in the area have no service half of the time; and come summer and the influx of tourists, there is nothing but dead air all of the time. We should not tolerate this any longer. It is my understanding that there are several incidents where 911 calls have been dropped.

I just received a sales ad from Verizon wanting me to upgrade for “free” and receive a discount on all of the benefits with my new 5G service! The 3G service rarely works, so false advertising Verizon!

I am collecting letters of complaint from current Verizon customers to send to the Verizon executives and to an attorney to look at the validity of a class action suit. It does not need to be a lengthy letter, just your name, number and the fact that you are dissatisfied with the level of service provided by Verizon and are concerned about the safety aspect if 911 calls do not go through.

We should not have to change providers. We all pay a lot of money and should demand that we get the services we are paying for.

Please drop your letter off (in box by front door) at the Clark Fork Valley Elks Lodge in Thompson Falls, located at 2519 Industrial Way.

Verizon, if you are listening, this is your formal notice of complaint and demand for adequate service.

Disgruntled customers,

Michelle and Blaine Blackstone, Thompson Falls

Crystal and Steve Molidor, Trout Creek

Sharon and Rick Sorlie, Thompson Falls


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