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Utter depravity displayed

In light of the recent horrific murder of four college students; nearby in Moscow, Idaho. It has shed even more light on the darkness and blatant disregard for life that exists today. It has shaken families, friends, a college, a state and a nation. We pray comfort for all who are dealing with this tragedy and loss. I still have to wonder what any one of the 2,344 voters in Sanders County (who voted against LR-131 “Born Alive Infant Protection Act”), would have done if they had been there at the time. Would they claim to have been “confused;” and chosen not to stop it? Would they have been “afraid” of imaginary consequences; or believed lies about how it might affect others if they intervened? Would they have said anything to defend the defenseless individuals as they slept? I want to believe we ALL would have done everything in our power to save them (or anyone) from the utter depravity of those who have no regard for the value of every life. Likewise, your vote is your voice. Enough said.

Gunner Junge, Thompson Falls


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