Spotlight on the Arts

Lyndsie Anzar, Noxon Schools


November 30, 2023

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Lyndsie Anzar

Spotlight on the Arts

Lyndsie Anzar – Noxon Schools

Article by Karen Thorson

Lyndsie Anzar, a seventh grader at Noxon Schools, is already a talented musician at 12 years of age. She began her musical journey on the piano when she was just five years old. She changed her direction last year and is now a first-rate drummer, playing in the Noxon Pep Band under the direction of music teacher Sari MacArthur.

When asked about the change, she says that drumming has always been what she wanted to do. Although she does not have a favorite piece of music, her favorite band is Motley Crue, with of course, Tommy Lee as her role model. The hard rock group formed in 1982 and has enjoyed many revivals through the present day. When asked about the difference between playing the piano in relative seclusion and playing the drums in a very public way, she says she enjoys performing for the public very much. Anzar would advise anyone interested in music to try it, listen to other musicians, and find your own way to express yourself. Her move from piano to the drums is her way of personal expression.

Her love of performing will provide her with many new opportunities. As an example, Anzar has been filling-in as drummer during football games because the high school band drummer is also on the football team. She is encouraged by many people and plans to continue a musical path in college and beyond.

Anzar is not limited to music, and she is not afraid of different things. She also rides a dirt bike. Not long ago, she had a serious accident while riding alone. She damaged her kidney, which gave rise to a dubious nickname – Half-Kidney. She is not to be discouraged, however, from doing what she loves.

Noxon upcoming music performances include the 5th-12th winter concert on December 14 at 6:30 p.m. in the school gym. Anzar will be part of the performance.

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