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40 YEARS AGO • MAY 17, 1984


Six roadless areas in Sanders County national forest lands have been recommended by Governor Ted Schwinden to Congress for designation to the Federal Wilderness System.

Of the six areas in Sanders County, four areas are additions to the established Cabinet Mountains Wilderness and two others - Scotchman Peaks and Cube Iron - would constitute new wilderness.

Sanders County areas recommended for wilderness status in addition to the 45,115-acre Scotchman Peaks are:

Lolo Forest - Cube Iron, 32,900 acres.

Kootenai Forest - Cabinet Face West, 6,886 acres; Cabinet Face East, 17,357 acres; McKay Creek, 6,081 acres; Chippewa Creek, 2,100 acres.

Thompson Falls-Plains District Ranger Dick Lukes said the Cube Iron area has not received recommendation from the Forest Service for wilderness designation. He said the area proposed by the governor includes Mount Silcox and the southern face, Cube Iron, the head of Graves Creek, a part of Thorn Creek drainage, and portions of the Squaw and Winnemucca Creek drainages and the head of Ashley Creek.

He said the Forest Service plan has been to manage much of the area as a roadless area, since much of it is not suitable for timber production or harvesting. The most serious loss of timber would be at the head of Ashley Creek, which the Forest Service has planned to log in the future.

Lukes said the governor’s proposal would include Forest Service land extending down the Silcox face to the John Muster ranch.

Without the Forest Service's specific recommendation for inclusion in the wilderness system, the governor’s list faces a “long road” before becoming a reality the two rangers predicted.


A Thompson Falls native, Bill Saint, has been chosen as the new postmaster for Thompson Falls, the U.S. Postal Service has announced. Saint currently is serving as postmaster at Trout Creek.

Saint, a 1966 graduate of Thompson Falls High school, is expected to assume his new position May 25.

He joined the postal service as a clerk in the Thompson Falls Post office in April 1977. He later served as officer in charge of the Thompson Falls Post Office. For six months from April 1979 he served as officer in charge at Trout Creek and in a similar position at Noxon for three months.

Saint is the son of Bob and Sylvia Saint, long time Thompson Falls residents.


Note: The minimum wage in 1984 was $3.35 per hour, to put the following prices in perspective.

Grocery prices:

Whole lobster, $3.99 each; boneless round roast, $1.39 lb.; thick sliced bacon, 24 oz., $2.49; rib cut pork chops, $1.49 lb.; ground beef, $1.38 lb.; top sirloin, $2.78 lb.; Best Foods Mayonnaise, $1.59; Miracle Whip, $1.49; Litehouse dressing, $1.39; Cream Cheese 69¢; Pampers diapers $8.39 60 ct.; Cap’n Crunch cereal $1.89; cucumbers 3/99¢; Romaine lettuce, 49¢; bananas 3 lbs. for 89¢

Car prices:

1982 Ford Futura, $4995; 1980 Ford Fairmont Wagon, $3995; 1981 Buick Skylark, $5795; 1981 Ford LTD, $6295; 1976 Ford Pinto Station Wagon, $2495; 1980 Ford ½ ton pickup, $5795.

SUVs were limited to Scouts, Ford Broncos, Chevy Blazers and Jeeps.

House and land prices:

2 bdrm. log home on 5 lots, $15,000; 3 bdrm. home on 1.67 acres w/garage and wood shed in Trout Creek, $42,500; 53 acres w/house, barns and sheds, north of Trout Creek, $86,000.

Big Sky Homesteads: Less than $1,000 down for 20 acre parcels, Blue Slide Road, newly improved roads, priced from $23,900.


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