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Question of the Week

What do you think of the county's nuisance barking dog ordinance?


MARY FISHER, Trout Creek – “There’s a difference between a city dog and a country dog. In the country you need a dog for protection. You bring in a dog to let you know who or what’s out there. If your dog stays silent and it’s a bear in your yard, you want him to bark.”

ELIZABETH MANNING, Trout Creek ­— "They are animals. You want them to bark. People just like to complain. They want you to put the dog down and we don’t want to do that.”

JEAN MANNING, Trout Creek – “Me, I don’t have a problem. I own two dogs. I think it depends where you live. How can the county afford to have dog officers travel out in the county to enforce the law. I can understand if the dog is barking all night in town.”

MARIA BORDER, Trout Creek – ”As a dog owner, you can help the dog or not. The owner should seek counsel for everybody’s happiness. There are shock collars but nobody wants to use them. My parents are visiting. They have two Shih Tzus and they bark because they are in a strange place.”

DAVID CARROLL, Trout Creek – “I have a dog on my property and if he barks continually, I need to do something. If he only barks occasionally, I have the right to have one on my property.”

JIM HURST, Thompson Falls – “I would support something like that if my neighbors had a couple of dogs and didn’t seem to hear them when they bark”.


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