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Hill players go stag as ladies stay away


September 12, 2019

It was a stag party at River’s Bend Monday morning as the Over the Hill gang’s men went a round without the presence of any ladies.

With the fairer sex no where to be found, the Hill men were free to let it all hang out on 9-9-19, and hang it out there they did.

Grabbing the all-men’s day competition by the throat, Dave Garr shot down the low gross round of 40, while Don Hansen factored in his handicap to arrive at the low net of 30.

In hole play, Hansen made good with the shot closest to the pin on No. 2 and smacked the long 70+ drive on No. 6, Charlie Hooten dropped in the long putt on No. 2, John Beckman drained the long putt on No. 3 and hit the long drive of the day on No. 9, Dennis Gripp rolled in the long putt on No. 4, Ron Beaty was closest to the pin off the tee on No. 5, Darrel “Torgy” Trogrimson knocked down the long putt on No. 6, Dave Petteys earned long putt honors on No. 7, Doug Deck put the longest putt down on No. 8, and Garr made the long putt on No. 9.

Scott Garr made a chip-in on No. 2, and Beckman and Dave Garr were paid for pars on No. 2.

Women or no women, the Over the Hill gang will again gather at River’s Bend next Monday morning, and will continue to meet up on Monday mornings until the weather finally tells them to stay away until next year.


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