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 By John Hamilton    News    August 5, 2021 

Thorne Creek fire grows to 17,000 acres

Don’t be fooled by a few days of reduced fire behavior brought on by Sunday’s welcome rain – t...

 By John Hamilton    News    July 29, 2021

Fire forces evacuations

That fire on the mountain everyone has been watching is going to be with us for a while. The Thorne... Full story

 By John Hamilton    Sports    July 29, 2021

Ladies battle for top spot at River's Bend

The Thursday night Women’s League leaders want to stay on top, and they played that way last week at River’s Bend. Battling it out for the top...

 By John Hamilton    Sports    July 29, 2021

Tuesday men heat up competition

Quik Stop or Easy Street, what is it going to be? With Noxon Quik Stop golfers Rusty Sharp, Bruce Haflich, Shawn Wilkinson and Scott Garr compiling...

 By John Hamilton    Sports    July 29, 2021

Wild Coyotes, Highlead lead Wednesday play

The Wild Coyotes howled but Highlead held onto the lead in Wednesday Night Men’s League golfing action at River’s Bend last week. Wild Coyote...

 By John Hamilton    News    July 22, 2021

Hot, dry weather fuels wildfires, Stage 2 remains

Too hot, too dry, too soon. The 2021 wildland fire season could very well turn into one of the...

 By John Hamilton    Sports    July 22, 2021

'Real' racing is back

Competitive in-person running is back. After more than a year of virtual runs where folks competed against each other only by the clock due to the...

 By John Hamilton    Sports    July 22, 2021

Tina, Jeanne stalking Women's League foes

Kristy and Danice are still in first place but Jeanne and Tina appear to be stalking them, waiting for the chance to make their move. Jeanne Holleran...

 By John Hamilton    Sports    July 22, 2021

Easy Street Auto wins in 1-2-3 Tuesday golf

It was as easy as 1-2-3 for Easy Street Autoworks. Taking a break from hard-core league play last week, Easy Street Autoworks golfers Ron Beaty, Dave...

 By John Hamilton    Sports    July 22, 2021

Ron's Running Dinos haven't fossilized yet

Contrary to what the science books tell us, the dinosaurs are still here, roaming God’s green earth, patrolling the fairways and greens of...

 By John Hamilton    News    July 15, 2021

Fire season roars throughout region

The real fireworks waited until after July 4 this year. Sparked by several thunderstorms carrying...

 By John Hamilton    News    July 15, 2021

County moving to Stage II fire restrictions

If you didn't believe it before, believe it now – the wildfire situation in Sanders County is...

 By John Hamilton    Sports    July 8, 2021

Kristy and Danice jump into first place in league

Shooting the low team net of 65, Kristy Beaty and Danice Toyias jumped into first place in the second half of season play in Women’s League golfing...

 By John Hamilton    Sports    July 8, 2021

Bary and company make move in Wednesday play

You read that right, it’s Bary with one “r,” and he’s hoping to lead his Moore Oil team to the promised land of Wednesday Night Men’s...

 By John Hamilton    Sports    July 8, 2021

Easy Street Autoworks cruises in Tuesday golf

w team gross, Montana’s Best Builders the low team net and Easy Street Autoworks took the second half lead in Tuesday Night Men’s League golfing...

 By John Hamilton    Sports    July 8, 2021

Fall sports practice start August 13

Don’t look now but high school sports are already sneaking up on us. Back to almost-normal after more than a year of dealing with COVID-19 and the...

 By John Hamilton    Sports    July 8, 2021

View from the Sidelines

Unfortunately, my NIL is probably worth nil. This name, image and likeness (or NIL) discussion that is going on with college sports since the Supreme...

 By John Hamilton    Sports    July 1, 2021

Errecart new Plains AD

Marie Errecart has been named as the new Plains High School athletic director. Mike Cole, the former long-time AD for Plains, released a statement...

 By John Hamilton    Sports    July 1, 2021

Big Sky Pantry golfers have all the fun, win

Taking a break from the cutthroat competition of regular season play, the Tuesday Night Men’s league players instead went at it with a play format...

 By John Hamilton    Sports    July 1, 2021

Wednesday 's men play round just for the fun of it

It was all in fun, this round of Wednesday Night Men’s League golf. Enjoying a midseason break from league action with a play night after the...

 By John Hamilton    Sports    July 1, 2021

Sparks and Kelly take women's 2nd half lead

A new day has dawned in Women’s League golfing at River’s Bend. With the first half of the season concluding the week before, the golfing ladies...

 By John Hamilton    Sports    July 1, 2021

Trae excels in AAU Duals

Trae Thilmony is not only one of the best high school wrestlers in Montana, he is one of the best pr...

 By John Hamilton    Sports    June 17, 2021

2021 Hawk softball season one to build on

Batting the ball around, scoring lots of runs and having tons of softball fun; that was what the Thompson Falls-Noxon Blue Hawks were all about this...

 By John Hamilton    Sports    June 17, 2021

Western B-C softball names All-Con team

Thompson Falls' Riley Wilson and Noxon's Dylan Vigil of the Thompson Falls-Noxon Blue Hawks and...

 By John Hamilton    Sports    June 17, 2021

Justin Morgan wins Governor's Cup 5K

Justin Morgan has the killer instinct in distance running and has proven that fact several times...


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