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By John Dowd 

Question of the Week

When do you think COVID-19 restrictions should be removed?


April 23, 2020

IRENE NYOMO, Plains – “I’m trusting the governor’s opinion on when he feels that our state is ready to open up.”

LEE SUTTORP, Thompson Falls – “I believe we should remove restrictions slowly and when we are able to have tests and medicine to take care of the people who are sick, so not quickly. I am in no hurry.”

MADISON SUTTORP, Thompson Falls – “I believe we should have medicines and vaccines, but I think we could start lifting restrictions off of states and counties that don’t have as many cases. But I do believe restriction are good.”

LILLIAN MacDONALD, Plains – “I think that restrictions they have right now should be less strict because they are scaring people. I think that they are making it worse than it is. I feel like they are going overboard with closing every school.”

ED GROVER, Thompson Falls – “I don’t see a problem with lifting the restrictions as long as it’s done properly. ... I think it would be a good idea to lift a certain amount of restrictions a little bit to keep businesses going and to help the economy.”

LARRY WADSWORTH, Thompson Falls – “Just as soon as I get my stimulus check he can open everything back up.”


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