Asbestos related disease screening set


April 20, 2023

Libby, Montana, was home to a vermiculite mine for over seventy years. The mine closed in 1990, but the damage was already done. The vermiculite ore, processed in various plants around the country and sold as insulation, was contaminated with a distinct form of asbestos now known as Libby Amphibole. The Center for Asbestos Related Disease (CARD) in Libby was established to screen those potentially exposed within Lincoln County, Montana, and to provide ongoing care to those who have been diagnosed with asbestos related disease due to Libby Amphibole, a distinct form of asbestos. Under a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), CARD can provide free asbestos related disease screening for everyone who qualifies under the grant. To qualify you must have no prior diagnosis of asbestos related disease and have proof of being present in Lincoln County for at least six months total duration at least ten years ago. This can be cumulative over several visits or periods.

CARD has received grant funding to take the screening process on the road. Mobile clinics will be coming to various towns near you. Screenings will be held Thursday, April 27, at Bear Creek Resort in Thompson Falls. Screening consists of a chest x-ray done onsite by a mobile radiology company, autoimmune blood tests, a spirometry breathing test, extensive health and exposure history, and an interview with a trained provider. If there is suspicion of disease, a follow up CT of the chest may be ordered. This is all free for those who meet grant criteria. This is the same screening process that takes place at CARD, just without the hassle of having to make a long drive and possibly bear the cost of staying overnight.

If you spent time in Lincoln County, Montana and think you may qualify for asbestos related disease screening, please call (406) 293-9274 for more information. Additional details about CARD can be found online at


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