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Question of the Week

What's the most interesting thing you've had in a stocking?

CHRISTIE YAW, Thompson Falls - “I always looked forward to a book of Lifesavers in my stocking.”

JAMES MURPHY, Thompson Falls - “We always put treats for the dogs in their own stockings, individually wrapped.”

JASON SHEDROCK, Thompson Falls - “For some reason my mom always put magnets in my stockings.”

LARRY LACK, Thompson Falls - “As a practical joke I have put lumps of coal in my grandkids’ socks for Christmas.”

VICTORIA WESTHOVEN, Plains - “The best present I ever got in my stocking was a round-trip pair of tickets to go to the Dry Tortugas off the coast of Key West, Florida.”

WES MORGAN, Thompson Falls - “One year I took a dollar trinket and wrapped it in vinyl from signs and wrapped it and wrapped it until it was the size of a softball. Took them about 45 minutes to get it off and I got chased all around the house afterward.”


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