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Spotlight on the Arts shines on Keelie Hathorne this month. Keelie is a 14-year-old eighth-grade home school student. Her teacher is Mom. It's evident in visiting with Keelie that her inquiring mind and self-directedness take her far beyond the set curriculum.

When asked how long she has been creating art, Keelie's mother replied, "Since she could hold a marker!"

Keelie shared, "At first it was just a relief from boredom, but then I discovered my passion for it!"

Keelie works in several mediums and styles, but her current favorite is a cartoon style done in acrylics. She created a few characters to start but found as she was developing the look and character traits of one, another started crowding her mind to join her collection. Each has its own personality, quirks and interests. It's amazing how she can portray this variety through a tilt of the head, facial expression, color choice and a relaxed or aggressive body posture.

When asked about her favorite piece, she shared one that was inspired by BTS, a favorite musical group. They are a multi-lingual group performing in Korean, English and Spanish languages as they travel the world. Their music is upbeat and lively. This piece of art reflects the music and how it makes her feel. Keelie says, "I like having fun. I like playful art styles."

Keelie's art experience found another outlet as she used her color sense when she redecorated her room. When asked if this might lead to a career in interior decorating, she said, "No, art is my hobby."

Her advice to an aspiring artist: "Even if you don't feel your work is very good, don't give up. If you keep at it, it will get better."


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