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70 YEARS AGO • JUNE 1953


There’s no doubt about it, Sheriff Wally Britton has the welfare and betterment of his community at heart. We all appreciate the “clean look” and fine appearance given to the parking near the railroad tracks up above the courthouse. The Sheriff took jail inmates out to do the job of filling in dirt, leveling, planting grass seed, etc. around the blue spruce trees which are thriving and doing beautifully.

Another project which was so noticeable this Memorial Day was the old Thompson Falls cemetery, cleared to look better than we have ever seen it. Again we can thank Wally and his crew of prisoners. Because of rains, the job was not completed but the plan is to have the old cemetery clipped from end to end in the near future. The thicket of brush up there had completely covered markers and tombstones on some plots, but now one can go up and distinguish graves one didn’t know were there.


The proclamation of emergency was issued by the town council Friday in connection with the Thompson Falls water supply which has been reduced below normal reserve because of unusual demands during recent hot weather.

The proclamation ordered all irrigation of lawns and gardens suspended Friday, but provided for limited irrigation beginning Saturday night.

The town water supply comes from two sources, Ashley Creek, northeast of town, and a well. The well depends on the Montana Power company dam to hold the water table high enough to furnish large quantities.

At present the splash boards at the dam are still removed to keep high water and its silt moving over the dam. While the splash boards are removed, the water level is several feet lower and the water table in the area drops correspondingly. The splash boards will not be replaced for another 10 days to two weeks. Meanwhile, Ashley Creek will supply only enough water for routine needs and the restrictions on irrigation will continue.


Orin P. Kendall, Superintendent of schools announced that the school at Trout Creek is about 80% completed. Urcel Campbell, Thompson Falls, is the contractor for the school. The community raised a $15,000 bond issue for the classroom, kitchen, and restrooms of the school. It will be heated by a forced air system. Fuel to be used is oil.


The Town Council passed an ordinance at their meeting Monday evening and ordered copies of the order to be posted prohibiting the firing of BB guns, air guns, air rifles, carbon dioxide guns, pellet guns or any similar type weapons within the city limits.

Offenses against this ordinance will be punishable by a fine of not less than $5 or more than $25, or imprisonment of from 2 to 30 days. Parents or guardians of children are responsible and if found guilty of giving such weapons to youngsters will be subject to the penalty.

The council also ordered a street to be closed, that between the properties of Fred Moore and Ben Cox, Jr. or running parallel with Lincoln and Gallaton, from Main to Maiden Lane.


The new Pastime Club bar was sufficiently finished last weekend for Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Doyle, owner to move in and resume business.

The new building, a two-story pumice block structure with the bar on the street floor and office space on the second, is a credit to main street. The bar is very attractively finished in knotty cedar wainscoting and light green wall planking with a white acoustical tile ceiling. It was constructed for the Doyle’s by Art Turk.

Jacob “Yokko” Repp worked for the Doyle’s and later purchased the bar and kept the name the Pastime Club, his kids, Jim and Gene Repp became the owners in 1975 and renamed it Yokko’s Pastime Club. The next owners were Joe and Marie Ferkovich who renamed it Ferk’s and added a restaurant on that fronted Mill Street. Then came Dave and Vonnie Schroeder who called it the Mother Lode and added a casino in addition to the restaurant and bar. Presently it is known as the Highlead Saloon and is owned by John and Barb Mosher.


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