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Sheriff's Log


February 4, 2021

Ambulance: T. Falls, 14; Trout Creek, 6; Plains, 8; Hot Springs, 2; Noxon, 2; Dixon, 2; Heron, 1.

Sunday, January 24

Alarm-intrusion/holdup, Plains.

Informational case, Heron.

Civil attempts, Heron.

Request welfare check, Noxon.

Disturbance, Plains.

Assist motorist/citizen, Trout Creek.

Monday, January 25

Assault, Plains.

Assault, T. Falls.

Request for welfare check, T. Falls.

Assist motorist/citizen, Hot Springs.

Motor vehicle crash, Trout Creek.

Coroner called, Plains.

Tuesday, January 26

Theft, Plains.

Livestock, Dixon.

Information case, Heron.

Request for welfare check, subjects had gone for a drive and vehicle was stuck in the snow, T. Falls.


January 27

Suspicious activity, T. Falls.

Alarm-intrusion/holdup, Plains.

Protection order violation, Noxon.

Informational case, T. Falls.

Motor vehicle crash, T. Falls.

Child welfare/abuse, T. Falls.

Business contact, T. Falls.

Civil attempts, Trout Creek.


January 28

Informational case, T. Falls.

Animal other, Plains.

Suspicious activity, report of poaching, T. Falls.

Suspicious activity, Noxon.

Automated alarm call, T. Falls.

Business contact, T. Falls.

Friday, January 29

Littering, citizen reported that trash had been dumped not far up Deep Creek, T. Falls.

Livestock, Plains.

Civil attempts, Plains.

Road hazard/blockage, T. Falls.

Protection order violation, Trout Creek.

General animal call or complaint, Trout Creek.

Information case, Paradise.


January 30

Motor vehicle crash, Hot Springs.

Alarm-intrusion/holdup, Hot Springs.

Informational case, Noxon.

Informational case, truck window broke out on camera, nothing stolen, Hot Springs.

Fire, T. Falls.

Informational case, Plains.

Road hazard/blockage, Plains.

Protection order violation, Hot Springs.

Informational case, T. Falls.


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