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By John Dowd 

Question of the Week: Do you think students should go to school year-round?


Mary Frasier, Tucson, Arizona - “It is best for the family and parents if it is a longer break in the summer because arranging childcare for two weeks three of four times a year is very difficult.”

Eva Burch, Severance, Colorado - “I am for year-round school because it gives the teachers and the kids a break from their routine, and they seem to learn better and retain more with a nine week on, three week off, schedule.”

Nancy Haynes, Thompson Falls - “I would say ask the school board or survey the county to find out what families want.”

Andrew Buniecki, Spokane, Washington - “I think the break is nice, I think it would be too much strain to go year-round.”

George Hoiland, Thompson Falls - “I believe the children should be out by Memorial Day in the spring and go back to school after Labor Day in the fall.”

Zach Whipple-Kilmer, Thompson Falls - “I believe that kids should go to school in a trimester format, where they get a break at the end of each term rather than one big summer break. Might be really good for parents as well.”


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