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Mark Freed

Mark Freed was born February 2, 1954, to Mike and Joan in Hot Springs, Montana. Pretty sure he was born strong.

He loved his family and friends. He was a hard worker and enjoyed his job working in the woods. He was also a mechanic for years.

The lucky handful of people who were his good friends probably went fishing, shooting, tinkering on projects or talking about crazy things they did in his younger days.

He had the fight of his life wit cancer. It knocked him down a couple times, but he got back up and even went back to his logging job, much to everyone's surprise. Finally cancer won the fight. His body could take no more. He tapped out May 25. He will always be our champ.

Mark would never want people gathering and mourning him. We will be having a celebration of his life in the near future. He will be there in spirit laughing, drinking and eating as much as possible.


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