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James D. Eplin

James D. Eplin, son of deceased longtime Thompson Falls residents Neil and Evelyn Eplin, passed away November 1, 2022, after a short illness. He was 76 years old, and was living with his wife Beth Eplin in Vancouver, Washington. He was retired from the Washington State Highway Department. He spent many years as a member of the Ptarmigan Mountaineering Club where he spent much time participating in mountain climbing, hiking, cross country skiing, and regular skiing. He is survived by his brother David Eplin and sister-in-law Nancy Eplin of Deer Lodge, Montana. He is also survived by his nephew Steven Eplin, and Steven’s wife Nicole and their four children; by step-niece Donna Vulles and step-nephew Carl Browning and their families; and by his friend Hank who was a good friend who visited him frequently while he was in a hospital and then in a hospice before dying. Many cousins and friends will be saddened when they learn he is gone. A springtime memorial service is planned in which his ashes will be placed near a hiking trail he has traversed on the Washington side of the Columbia River above Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington.


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