Alva Arthur 'Alvie' Anderson


February 23, 2023


March 14, 1943 - January 26, 2023

Our Lord and ruler in life took Alva Arthur "Alvie" Anderson as he was lovingly called on January 26, 2023, at 9:30 p.m. in his foster care provider's home in Hillsboro, Oregon. After a very intense battle with stage four cancer that was diagnosed in October/November 2022. Alvie endured several months of radiation therapy and different medications. He was going to be scheduled for chemotherapy treatment when he became very sensitive to pain and was too weak to endure future treatment of any kind. During the last two months of his life his care provider Victor was constantly at his bedside as much as possible, making him comfortable and consoling him since Alvie was frightened with everything at first.

Danon Rae Buzzett, his daughter, came from Ocean View, Hawaii, to provide additional help and support to her father and mother. After a while the feeling of fear that Alvie was feeling passed, and he began to feel he was being called home for his final rest and peace and he began waiting for the Lord to come for him. The last wish that Alvie verbally spoke to this family and to Victor was not to be resuscitated. He himself along with family signed all "DNR" paperwork needed to grant his final wish.

He was orn to Arthur "Art" and Annie Anderson, middle child to siblings Earl Anderson, J.J. Rose Anne, and Ester in Montana.

Alvie spent his young years working at the surrounding sawmills in Thompson Falls before meeting and marrying his wife Eva on May 24, 1964. They moved to Missoula, Montana, where he worked at some of the surrounding mills before owning his own small scrap/metal business. They owned that for a few years before moving to Beaverton, Oregon, where he went to work at some of the surrounding scrap/metal businesses in the Portland area. It was at this time in his life he was involved in several accidents that resulted in surgeries including a total hip replacement, leaving him with the only choice of retirement.

Looking forward to exciting adventures and sightseeing was when this ugly, unwanted, uninvited, unwelcome enemy chose to go on with its unforgiving ways causing Alvie to be sick and in pain more than he wanted to deal with. Alvie is survived by his daughter Danon Rae and his wife of 58 years, Eva, as well as his last remaining living brother, Earl.

Alvie has constantly relied on his faith and trust with a thankful heart for guidance and help through all his life. Alvie will be remembered by his huge smile and shy and silly ideas of pranks and jokes and ideas of adventure and excitement.

Alvie was laid to rest at Skyline Memorial Gardens mortuary and cemetery in Portland, Oregon, on February 17, 2023. When the time arrives, his wife Eva will join him in a double plot.


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