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Bradford J. Sutton

Brad Sutton, age 71, passed away Oct. 28, 2023, after a year long battle with cancer.

Brad was born and raised in Middletown, Ohio. His father was an engineer for the local steel mill. His mother was a musician and operated "Betty's music makers." Brad moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, in his senior year and composed thousands of songs for his mother's company over the next 10 years. He worked as a musician all his life, starting with a band comprised of him and his two older brothers. Over his lifetime, Brad played in well over a hundred bands, bringing joy to many thousands.

Brad tuned and repaired pianos. He designed and built musical instruments, furniture and many other things. In high school, he built an electric car from the bottom up, with the help of his beloved grandfather.

Brad's spiritual beliefs were eclectic. He was initiated by Kirpal Singh.

In 2016, after spending most of his life in Florida, Brad loaded up his rv/van and moved to Hot Springs, Montana. He continued to compose and entertain. He was an active member of the Nyah Grange until weakened by cancer.

Brad is preceded in death by his parents, his oldest brother Dewight Sutton and his daughter Heather Etoile Sutton. He is survived by his older brother Richard Sutton (of Kettering) and his two grandsons, Dylan and Evan Dublanica.


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